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March 29, 2018

30 Years Young: 11 Things I’ve Learned and Experienced

Growing up, I’ve always wondered what life at 30 would be like?! Turning 30 is a huge milestone for me and while I’m still figuring it all out, the life lessons that I’ve learned throughout my teenage years and in my twenties have shaped me into the woman I am today.

Here are 11 things I’ve learned or experienced over these past decades:

  1. I met Jesus! Hands down, this is my number one. He sustainssssss me!
  2. I had my three children. Two boys, one girl and I’ve realized that boys really are from Mars! Haha:)
  3. I’ve learned to set boundaries. I mean, who hasn’t experienced being taken advantage of? For me, setting boundaries is extremely important to block out negative energy.
  4. I learned that true friendship can withstand anything and your best girlfriends will hold you down even through the toughest of times!
  5. I learned to embrace my singleness! There’s such a blessing in taking the time to get to know yourself before getting into a new relationship!
  6. I found my passion! Wedding & Event Planning! I love serving others while planning amazing, and meaningful events.
  7. I’ve learned that taking the time to heal is ok! 100% OK! And yes, you can apply this to every aspect of your life needing healing
  8. I started blogging! I never thought I was capable, but here I am, blogging away!
  9. I failed many times over the years, especially during my 20’s! I started a hair extension business – #failed. I pursued a career as a Life Insurance Consultant – #failed! I mean I could go on and on but I’d rather not. The point is that failure helped me understand my weaknesses and made way for me to become a better version of myself.
  10. I learned that I’m most productive in the mornings, 4:30 am to be exact! Yup, I get up that early, daily!
  11. I Raised my hand – I always thought if I couldn’t do it alone then it made no sense trying (the confused mentality I had as an independent woman) but when I finally sought help from a mentor, I witnessed my life and my progress accelerate. The fact of someone believing in me really gave me the motivation I needed.

As I approach 30 this week and reflect on the lessons I’ve learned, I’m assured that growth is not determined solely by an age but more so on ones self-development. All of my experiences and life lessons have taught me so much. Of course, if I could redo my 20’s I’d probably do things a lot differently. But I’m proud of the woman I’m still becoming and excited for what God has in store for my future!

While I raise my teacup (LOL), here’s a toast to life’s blessing, growing wiser, and to all the mess ups we’ve gone through to be the amazing people we are today!

What are some lessons you’ve learned over the years? Share them with me in the comments below!

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