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November 27, 2017

I’m Not a Supermom: 3 Lessons I’ve Learned About Balancing Motherhood and Business

Daughter and I sipping on a juice blend we made, we just love fancy cups!

In just under 8 years, my life and priorities have completely transformed. Eight years ago, I was new to motherhood with the birth of my daughter, Kyree. Soon after, I was blessed with two sons, Eli’sha & Josiah. This year, I found joy in launching my business – Kyree’s Kreations.

From the outside looking in, people see the smiles, the beautiful pictures of my family and my life developing as a mompreneur and often say, “Wow, how are you able to juggle everything? You must be super mom.” 

Sure, if you’d like to call me a supermom, no problem I’ll take it. Yet the truth is that like many of you who are mothers, some days we can achieve the impossible – juggling our careers, raising happy and healthy children while making time for relationships and self-care. While on most days, we simply do the best we can, no superpowers involved.

As a single mother, with a business to grow, my juggling skills on some days are unmatched while on others I am on shaky ground with at least one thing that I’ve dropped. This is the true balance of motherhood. There are the days when I am up late and exhausted, finishing the details of a project after it took hours to get the kids to bed. Then there are days where my daughter whispers, “I love you, mommy”, my sons’ giggle and laughter lights me up, renewing my purpose. They are the true superheroes. They are the ones who keep me inspired to be the best version of myself.

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It’s a steep learning curve that I am still figuring out how to navigate. Although there’s no secret recipe for balancing work, entrepreneurship, and motherhood, it is possible to do them all successfully. It just takes a lot of work and faith. Here’s what I’ve learned on this journey:

1. Know that work-life-balance is a myth – Yes, it’s true. We’ve all been told that a life of happiness and fulfillment happens when we achieve balance. So we bend over backwards, trying to orchestrate this perfect life of stability when the reality is that everyone’s version of balance looks different and no two days will ever be the same. I’ve come to accept that true balance means I will fall short in some aspect of my life each day. Some days I’m an amazing mom and making awesome progress with my business while on other days, I’m accepting new opportunities with Kyree’s Kreations that I never thought was possible but I forgot a friend’s birthday or had to cancel plans to spend time with family. Know that dropping the ball in some way is inevitable, but it is how you pick it back up that matters most. Being a mompreneur has taught me the art of resilience.

2. Release the guilt – I’ve been in the exact same situation as many of you – running in every direction after my little ones and spending too much time scrolling through social media to avoid a never-ending to-do list. We often think to ourselves, “will this ever get easier?” Yet the only way to make it is easier is by living guilt free. Life will always compete for your attention. When we are playing with the kids, sometimes we worry that we may be leaving unanswered emails or work that needs to be done. While when we are working, our heart breaks at the thought of the moments we are missing with our children. You will always feel like you aren’t giving enough to either if you don’t release the cloud of guilt and give yourself a break. Be present in the moment of wherever you are at and know that you are doing your best!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – As a single mother, I’m strong and independent but I know that having a tribe of family, friends and business associates to help me out is my most valuable asset as a mompreneur. Delegating is something I haven’t always been comfortable with, but in order to run my life more successfully, I’ve had to learn to raise my hand and ask for help. My business is my vision, but I would not be able to focus on the things that are most important to me if I had to teach myself how to code in order to build or spend hours working on my processes if I didn’t hire a mentor. It’s okay to seek assistance if it frees up your time to spend crafting your bigger picture and enjoying more time with the kids.

Life as a mother and entrepreneur means that your greatest wins come with the toughest challenges. Love yourself enough to know that you are instinctively doing your best. It will all work itself out and the true superheroes are the little ones staring up at us with hope each day, encouraging us to become the best we can be!

Enjoy the journey! I’ll be praying and cheering you on.

Photo Credit: Desiree Thomas

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